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From handheld and desktop Brother label makers  to Brother label printers that work with your PC or Mac, P-touch electronic label makers produce durable, colorful labels. Almost all of the P-touch products print on laminated labels that are resistant to water, spills, heat, cold and other harsh environments. Applications for P-touch labels are virtually infinite. And P-touch labelers are easy to use.

Millions of people have already found the P-touch labeler to be an effective way to organize their homes and businesses. Label almost anything, anywhere.

Brother Label Makers

The Brother P-touch Electronic Labeling System is simply the fastest, most efficient way to create adhesive backed labels for virtually any home, office, business, school or industrial application. Organize your home, office or industry with a P-touch labeling systems.

Brother PT-1600 Label Maker

Brother PT-1600 Label Maker

With an easy grip, rubber impact guards and rugged carrying case, the new PT-1600 is designed for everyday use in the field and on the go. Whether you are looking to label telecom, datacom or electrical equipment or provide on-the-spot asset management labeling, the PT-1600 has outstanding features - rotated text, easy-swap tape cassettes, bar code symbologies, easy to use telecom/datacom templates, built-in telecom and data symbols - provide a unique solution to your labeling needs.

Click here to purchase the PT-1600 Brother Label Maker.

Brother PT-1650 Label Maker

Brother PT-1650 Label Maker

Durable and rugged handheld labeler uses new Flexible ID tape and rotated print for cable wrapping and flagging, industrial strength laminated tapes for patch panel labeling and standard laminated tapes for faceplate labeling.

Click here to purchase the PT-1650 Brother Label Maker.

Brother PT-1880 Label Maker

Brother PT-1880 Label Maker

The PT-1880 is a sleek, desktop labeler that creates professional labels for virtually any office application. This new model uses the "TZ" series of laminated tapes up to 3/4" wide, but also has the ability to print on a "super narrow" (approximately 1/8") non-laminated tape that is perfect for labeling CD spines.

Click here to purchase the PT-1880 Brother Label Maker.

Brother PT-1950 Label Maker

Brother RPT-1950 Label Maker (factory refurnished)

The RPT-1950 is a “USB Ready” deluxe desktop labeling system. With the PT-1950, you can print laminated labels from 1/4" to 3/4" wide, created via either the built-in keyboard or your PC. Uses 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" & 3/4" TZ tapes.

Click here to purchase the RPT-1950 Brother Label Maker.

Brother PT-2100 Label Maker

Brother PT-2100 Label Maker (factory refurnished)

The PT-2100 PC-connectable labeling system has an eye catching design that is sleek and aerodynamic in shape and size. The PT-2100 allows you to create labels exactly the way you want with the 16 character x 3 line display featuring 4 sharp fonts. The “Preview” key allows you to check your text before printing. This unit prints on up to 3/4” wide laminated tape for indoor/outdoor use. The PT-2100 features 7 type sizes, 10 type styles and 92 different symbols.

Click here to purchase the PT-2100 Brother Label Maker.

Brother PT-2700 Label Maker

Brother PT-2700 Label Maker

The PT-2700 is designed for professional users in Office, Commercial and Industrial fields. The PT-2700 is usable on its own, or connected to a PC or Mac. The PT-2700 can address many key demands from labeler users. Power users in areas such as corporate administrations, medical offices, retail and other environments demand a machine that fits with their label creation needs.

Click here to purchase the PT-2700 Brother Label Maker.

Brother PT-9500PC Label Printer

Brother PT-9500PC Label Printer

(Replaces PT-9200DX) - It’s now easier than ever to create professional looking laminated labels right from your desktop. Create and print, it’s as easy and 1-2-3. Those assets you’ve thought about labeling can now be done with labels that stick anywhere at any time. With the 9500PC you can create a strip of labels from your desktop so you can be off and labeling user machines in no time flat. This labeler also has an auto-cutter and can print “crack and peel” labels for easy peeling. Pre-design your labels with your company logo or other graphics, import your database, and print – labeling has never been easier.

Click here to purchase the PT-9500PC Brother Label Printer

Brother PT-9600 Label Maker

Brother PT-9600 Label Maker

Full-Featured Commercial Labeling System Perfect for Asset Management, Inventory Control, Patch Panel Identification and More!

Meeting Industrial Needs for Telecommunications, Asset Management, Plant Maintenance and Repair, and Pharmaceutical.

Click here to purchase the PT-9600 Brother Label Maker.

Brother Label Printers

Simply print quick, beautiful labels from your PC.

Brother QL-500 Label Printer

Brother QL-500 Label Printer

Introducing the easy-to-use Brother QL-500 Quick PC Label Printer that prints address and shipping labels, up to 2.4" wide, on easy-to-peel die cut paper and continuous length film labels. The Brother QL-500 also prints file folder, CD/DVD and visitor badge labels for just pennies a piece. Plus, no wasted sheets to worry about because you can print one label, a few or hundreds at a time!

Click here to purchase the QL-500 Brother Label Printer.

Brother QL-570 Label Printer With Auto Cutter

Brother QL-570 Label Printer
With Auto Cutter

The Brother QL-550 boasts more of the things that you want from a label printer … more versatility – prints die cut labels AND durable white paper or film tape, more speed – up to 50 labels per minute*, and more value – wide feature set.

Click here to purchase the QL-570 Brother Label Printer.


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